I don’t know how closely or if at all you’ve been following the floods and aftermath here in Nashville, but we have many friends and acquaintances who have been hit hard. One family in particular, the Shafers, have lost most of their farm and home. They are working hard to try to put things back together with friends and neighbors, but there’s a limit to what can be accomplished with simply free labor and donated food and clothes. They will need a good deal of money to buy new seed and equipment in order to try to salvage any of the growing season this year. So, Sara and I have set up a public SmartyPig savings goal through our SmartyPig account online to collect donations from as far and wide as possible.

To know more details about the needs of the Shafers and the Earthly Goods Farm and to donate to the Earthly Goods Farm Flood Relief Fund click the widget below. Even the smallest amount will be appreciated. Thank you!

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